Recently, Jermaine Jackson decided he wanted to make a big fashion statement-a name change. For some strange reason, Jermaine doesn’t want to be associated with the famous Jacksons anymore. Keep in mind, it was Mr. Jermaine Jackson who wrote the book in Michael Jackson’s honor called, You Are Not Alone: Michael Through A Brother’s Eyes.

Mr. Jackson has decided it would be a great career move for him to change his name from Jackson to Jacksun. It still has the same sound, but it is a great fashion statement. After the passing of his brother Michael Jackson in June 2009, there may be family issues that the public is not aware of that is causing this big name change. New flash for Mr. Jackson or the new Mr. Jacksun, you’ve had plastic surgery for your nose, your skin and your hair, your fans will not mind a small name change. Your fans will still love you.