Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo

Top Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo has rejected an award he won Friday at Bingwa Awards, one of the biggest East African awards.

“Thanks for #BingwaAwards for the Award last Night, unfortunately I won’t take the award of “ComeBack Artist Of The Year”. I never went anywhere, I’ve been here since my 1st hit single On Top,” the Something For You star wrote Monday on Facebook.

“I put in more work than any artist of my Genre unless you are awarding me for coming back from my Europe tour then it doesn’t make sense. I never understand awards in this Country. I’d rather you acknowledge & Respect my work than award me & nominating me for a “comeback”.

He further adds by advising the organisers to instead give the award Wahu, who was in the same category with him.

“So if you don’t mind plizz give my award to Wahu who was in the same category. Next time you nominate me please make sure you do a background check of my catalogue; The Quality of Hip hop music when it comes to Audio & video that I’ve brought to this industry since I stepped in. You can’t compare to any not even close, All in all I wish you the best and congrats to the “Winners” last night,& we still have along way to go as far as awards are concerned.”

However, his comments on Wahu, have not gone down well with her husband, Nameless.

“Lakini seriously, you belittle the award then you recommend it to be given to Wahu?? Tuheshimiane!” snapped the Butterfly singer.

Nameless went further to accuse the Kibra-born artist of pride, advising him to embrace humility saying: “… humble yourself before life humbles you.”

“Bro, let me give you advice….Appreciate and receive these awards that you win now, because there can come a time in your career that you don’t even get noticed or nominated. But I am sure you too big to receive advice, ama?” wrote Nameless.

Meanwhile, the rapper later joked that he had got an ‘award’ from Eritrea but wasn’t gonna give back like he did to the Bingwa award.