The death of one of the greatest singers of all time truly shook us all. We all crossed our fingers tightly in anticipation of her recovery, future success with the new movie Sparkle, and ultimately, an industry-shattering comeback! None of us were prepared for the news of her sudden demise earlier this year.

She not only left a collection of greatest hits, but also a grieving family who have not had the easiest time dealing with the loss of their beloved family member, the legendary Whitney Houston. This brand new docu-series premiering on Lifetime will follow the lives of the loved ones she left behind.

The stars of the show include Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, former manager and her daughter Rayah, Whitney’s brother Gary, her daughter Bobbi Kristina and her mother Grammy Award Winner Cissy Houston. The show follows those closest to the pop singer, most notably Pat Houston and their husband as she manages the business and estate go Whitney as well as guiding and supporting her 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina. This show is sure to be an eye-opening experience and one that you should most definitely plan a girl’s night for!

Tune in to Lifetime Wednesday, October 17th 9 PM EST to catch the first episode of the highly-anticipated series!