Even though Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams kissed and made up on the Basketball Wives reunion show, Jennifer is still not invited to Evelyn and Chad Ocho Cinco‘s wedding…

Eve tells Eur Web 

“We’re not like ‘oh hey, come be a bridesmaid at my wedding. I can’t do that.’ She hasn’t been invited because everything just happened … there were things that were said about Chad in interviews and that’s where a lot of all of this drama stems from. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.”

When me and Chad, when we got engaged, there was so much controversy surrounding us. Oh, they’re just doing this for a show. They are media whores. I’m like ‘We’re really together.’ People had a lot of negative things to say and she was one of those people that just wasn’t … and that’s what hurt me the most because I’m like ‘We’ve been friends. Even if I felt this way about your man, I’m not gonna publicly say that because that’s you’re a man. And that’s what bothered me.”


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