Miss Teen South Africa Celeste Khumalo has revealed that her estranged father has tried to force his way back into her life.Celeste has spent the last 15 years of her life without a father after he walked out on her, her mother and sister.

Clearly his daughter’s new-found fame has woken him up and he is now eager to share the wealth, but Celeste is having none of it.Celeste told Sowetan: “I grew up not knowing who my father was.

“People are not aware of the hardship I went through and the many hours I had to put in preparing for pageants to help my mother.”

“When I got my first trophy at school he was not there to celebrate with me. I have won pageants before and he never showed up. Now that it is a huge and national title, he wants to be visible and he wants to come back into my life,” she added.

“My father never thought I would grow up and achieve what I have achieved. I told him never to think it was my mother who made me say all the things I told him

“It was something that came from the bottom of my heart. I felt deeply hurt. I have seen it all because I am always with my mother, who was always there for us as a family.”